oktober 2014

This one time, at fat camp...

Jeg liker vre tidlig ute. Hater stresse p flyplasser, og har faktisk aldri mistet et fly fr. Men p lrdag var det skikkelig nre p. Det er s flaut at jeg ikke vil g inn p det engang, s vi nyer oss med noen cliffnotes: 1. Jeg var trtt 2. Jeg satt p feil gate 3. De fant ikke bagasjen min da de skulle hive den av 4. Fikk kjeft av SAS. 5. Mtte drikke rdvin p flyet.

Mot alle odds kom jeg meg fram til London og hjem til Elisabeth, hvor hun hadde lagt fram kalkulatoren p pulten for vise at hun faktisk er en ordentlig internettstudent og at det absolutt ikke betyr drive med netflix p heltid.

I like to be early when I'm flying, and have actually never missed a flight before. But on Saturday, it was really close. What happened was actually so embarrassing that I will not go into detail, so you'll just get some cliff notes: 1. I was tired2. I was sitting at the wrong gate. 3. They did not find my luggage when they we're gonna remove it from the plane 4. Was yelled at by SAS. 5. Had to have red wine on the plane.

Against all odds, I got to London and went home to Elisabeth, where she had put her calculator on the desk to show that she is actually a real internet student and
that it absolutely doesn't mean to be watching Netflix full time.

Jeg sa "Det gr bra, Elisabeth. Liker deg uansett. Ta et kinderegg!" (lite visste jeg om at dette skulle bli starten p noen dagers voldsom frtsing, og at jeg i realiteten hadde sjekket inn p fatcamp)

I said "That's fine Elisabeth, I like you regardless. Here, have a Kinder Surprise!" (little did I know, that this would be the start of a couple of days of excessive eating, and that I in reality had checked in to fatcamp)

Jeg fikk den kuleste leken.

I got the coolest toy.

Etter ha kost oss med kindereggene dro vi ut med Jonas, Karen og Felix. De oppfrte seg merkelig.

After enjoying the Kinder-Surprises, we went out to meet Jonas, Karen and Felix. Their behaviour was kind of odd.

Men det gjorde jeg og:

But so was mine:

Matlysten steg i takt med promillen, og vi fant oss etterhvett et sted stagge denne. (Matlysten alts. Jeg har tilgode finne en mte stagge promillen p) Note to self: Restauranter som er pne kl. 03.30 om natten er som regel ikke verdt beske. Elisabeth var ikke helt enig.

After a while it was time for a midnight snack. Note to self: Restaurants open at 3:30 at night is usually not worth visiting. Elisabeth did not entirely agree.

Felix ble kastet ut. Neida. Joda?

Dagen etter var jeg sulten igjen. Rart med det.

The day after, I was hungry again. Peculiar.

Underholdt Elisabeth med bad beat-stories under mltidet. Hun elsker det.

I was entertaining Elisabeth with some bad beat-stories while we were eating. She loved it.

Senere p kvelden gikk ferden til Hippodrome Casino med en del engelske venner. Anledningen var en memorial-turnering for en pokervenn av dem som gikk bort i sommer. Iflge de som kjente han var den hylytte, gode stemningen under turneringen helt i hans nd, og shotte-faktoren var hy (de som noen gang har opplevd et Poker-NM ville ftt deja-vu) Craig sin geniale id om "win a pot, get a shot" slo litt tilbake p han selv. Glad jeg ikke satt p det bordet.

Later, we went to the Hippodrome Casino with some english friends, to play in a memorial tourney for their friend who passed away this summer. It was a real cheerful atmosphere the whole night, and according to those who knew him this was very in his spirit. Craig's genious idea of "win a pot, get a shot" tourned out to backfire a little.

Her er Kate, Toby, Elisabeth, Craig, Sam og Jonas.

Matlysten steg som vanlig med promillen, og frtsingen fortsatte. Heldigvis var vi med noen lokale, som faktisk visste om en restaurant som, p tross av at den var pen kl. 03.30, var verdt beske. Jeg begynte innse at denne London-turen skulle vise seg bli en reinspikka fatcamp.

Suddenly we were hungry again. Peculiar. Luckily, we had some locals to guide us, who actually knew of a restaurant open at 3.30 that was worth visiting. I started to realize that this whole London trip was actually turning into a real fatcamp.

Dagen etter var vi en smule bakfulle og sultne igjen. Rart med det. S da plukket vi opp telefonen,

A bit hungover the day after, and of course hungry again. So we picked up the phone,

bestillte pizza, og tilbragte resten av dagen i sengen med pizza, poker og Netflix.

ordered pizza, and spent the rest of the day in bed with pizza, poker and Netflix.

N m jeg bruke dagen i dag p slutte vre mett, for i morgen str UKIPT for tur. Jeg oppdaterer p Twitter; @H_Montana13

Today I'm trying to stop feeling stuffed from the past few days, so that I'll be ready to play UKIPT tomorrow. I'll be updating on Twitter, @H_Montana13

Hello world!

I can say that now becausewe recently held astaff meeting at Karinkua.blogg.no (with a staff consisting of me, myself and I)where wedecided that this little blog-universe needs to be expanded! It's totally unfair for the rest of the world to not be able to follow the life, adventures, and pokers of Karinkua. And some of the meaningless, silly humour of course. (The latter might annoy you after some time, though. Consider yourself warned.) Therefore, we will now run a test-project that involves blogging in English. I have been very comfortable writing in Norwegian, and would go as far as to say that I have been quite entertaining at times, but as all of the inspiring (bullshit?) Instagram-accounts say: Life begins outside of your comfort-zone. The big question is if I can be as entertaining in English? Time will tell, and please send me hate-emails if you think this shit sucks. Then I can bring them up in the next staff meeting at Karinkua, cry a little, decide that the test-project of blogging in English was a total failure, and start blogging in Chinese instead.

I present to you - The staff at karinkua.blogg.no:

So, let's start out with some background basics on me. My name is Karin Bruteig, I'm 25 years old and live in Oslo, Norway with my little dog Fanny. I have a bachelor in real-estate and have, until recently, been working at a real estate-agency in Oslo.

I'm part of a Norwegian poker team called Team Vimennpoker.no, I'm partly sponsored by Pokerstars Norway, and I blog for the Norwegian news site Side3.no. I learnt poker back in 2008, but didn't start to take it seriously until about a year and a half ago. I've had some small cashes in a couple of WSOP-events, EPT-side events and just recently had my best result, finishing 51st in EPT Barcelona. Online I mostly grind small-stakes SnGs, cash, and MTTs, with some bigger tourneys on Sundays.

What to expect on here?

There will be a lot of travelling this Autumn, and if I don't receive too many hate-emails from you people (or bust my bankroll after one month) there will be some (hopefully) entertaining blog-posts along the way. My first stop for a couple of weeks will be London, where I'll be flying out tomorrow (Oct. 4th). In London I'll be playing the UKIPT, a lot of side events to the EPT and maybe try to satellite into EPT main event. On the 17th there will be a Norwegian poker event in relation to EPT London, hosted by Vimennpoker.no, and there will be a bounty on me. You wish you were Norwegian now, right? (and if you are Norwegian, you should definitely join the fun! Check it out here) A lot of my friends live in London, so not only will I invade my friend Elisabeth's apartment (and empty her fridge) for a couple of weeks, but I will also try to ensure that all the other people I know there have many hungover days this October.

Here's Elisabeth and me:

In the start of November I'll be going to Las Vegas with a bunch of other Norwegians to rail my friend Felix Stephensen who's in the November Nine and will be playing the final table of the WSOP. I'm pretty sure that trip is going to be a 10 on the insane-o-meter (I'm a geek)

And so is Felix too (then it's ok, right?):

You can follow me on Twitter: @H_Montana13 (was a huuge Hannah Montana fan when I was younger, likea couple of years ago. Just kidding. Or maybe not) and on Instagram: @karinkua.

Time to pack my bags for London, laters haters!